Creating Partnerships While Empowering Community Transformation

CHARITIESHUB connects people, charities, NGOs, and businesses with causes and movements they care about the most. Connections enabling you and your organization to create positive change in your community. Simply put, it connects community volunteer needs with volunteers.

The HUB will connect you with organizations that match your individual profile. These connections encourage caring actions, and empowering transformation within the community! Getting involved isn't just about creating good vibes. You will acquire additional skills, meet new people, improve motivation, attitude, and enhance personal growth.

What Sets Us Apart

For Charities and NGOs:

Need more volunteers? Fill that need with people who care about the same issues you do! Connect with volunteers who are passionate about your cause, and a greater overall impact is made through shared enthusiasm.

The HUB is more than just a place to connect and interact. It enables your charity or NGO to provide more transparency to the people you serve, as well as donate time, money, or other resources. You will have the ability to show donors how their giving made a direct impact to the mission!

For Volunteers:

If you are an educator, student, employer, employee, or have court-ordered service requirements: Instead of searching for hours on end to find an approved charity or NGO, create these partnerships based on your personalized profile within our system. No more calling or emailing trying to find the right contact.

Track all of your service hours digitally to help make sure you get the credit you need. No more carrying around sheets of paper and asking for signatures at the end of the day. You can get approved straight from the HUB after the event and send the document to whomever you need.

For Businesses:

We live in a culture where doing good is just as important as creating and delivering quality products and services. Empower your businesses and your employees to become community champions.

There are many examples of companies that have used the power of purpose, and their position as leaders in their community to make real change. By engaging with mission-aligned charities, your business will become true community champions. Build your FOUR PILLARS OF SERVICE using CHARITIESHUB

Four Pillars of Service

Animal Welfare Community Environment Human Welfare
Animal Rights Community Foundations Botanical Gardens Children's Advocacy
Welfare and Services Community Relationships Conservation Food Distribution
Wildlife Conservation Housing Development Environmental Protection Homeless
Zoos Neighborhood Development Parks Social Services & Veterans